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You're Gonna Love This Bar & Grill

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This Bar & Grill

You're gonna LOVE this bar and grill! From the oversized artwork and the redneck loveseats, which are actually pickup tailgates, everything about these places are bigger and badder, just like the Big Dog Daddy himself.

We offer daily beer specials and who can resist a Frozen Jack Daniels and Coke! The menu reflects the same bigger & badder attitude - nothing fancy here, but lots of down-home favorites that are well-prepared and served by our friendly and efficient staff. This menu will leave you adjusting your belt buckle, from our hand-selected and cut in-house Ribeyes seared to perfection over an open flame, Slow-Smoked Prime Rib, Fall-Off-The-Bone St. Louis Style Ribs, Yard Bird slow-cooked on our rotisserie and basted in our signature BBQ sauce, Thick-Cut Pork Chops seared to perfection and topped with our homemade Jalapeno Peach Jam, and a variety of great sandwiches. Don't forget to sample the Calf Fries and for a sweet tooth, our homemade pies including our Buttermilk pie and Pecan Pie topped with our house-made whipped topping are a must-try!